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The IBE was founded in the year 1980 as a non-profit assoication by the worker representiative organization, unions, companies and the Johannes Kepler University Linz. The intention of this foundation was to establish a research institut which does education research from employee's perspective. So the basis for present academic work was laid - the exploration of the labour and life conditions of employees.

Two basic working fields developed out of this:

In the field of education the IBE is on the one hand in the vocational and job releated research operativ (job carriere analyses, evaluations, asf.), on the other hand in the quality assurance of adult education. Here does the IBE since 10 years already the auditing for the acquisition of the EBQS (Seal of Quality for adult education insitutes of the EB_Forum O) and is also instrumental in the further development of that tool.

In the field of maintenance and assurance concering the working ability of people does the IBE research assignements and fundamental research. The IBE is especially committed to disability and rehabilitation research. This area of research was impressed by the former excutive of the IBE Univ. Doz. Dr. Walter Blumberger.


Academic Chief:

Univ. Prof. Dr. Johann Bacher


Chairman of the association:

Dr. Johann Kalliauer


Fields of Research:

Social Research: social planning, occupation, working world, children and family


Education Research: vocational education, inequality research, educational controlling, certification of adult education institutes


Rehabilitation Research: reha processes, working ability, cost benefit analyses


Evaluation: educational messures, job diagnostics, EU-Projects, social services, staff management


Survey: employee survey, client survey