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Kategorie(n): Bildung
Abschlussjahr: 2009
AuftraggeberIn:BFI OÖ - EU-Projekt
ProjektleiterIn:Lentner Marlene

This report illustrates the situation of low qualified persons in Austria. To show a complete picture of the situation and to make a comparison between other countries possible the topic is worked out through 3 ranks.


At first the two structural indicators "unemployment-situation" and "education situation" are presented through actual relevant Austrian data.


At second the certain national strategies of Austria are illuminated through the description of relevant/ innovative projects in the field of "Chance-enhancement concerning the integration on the labour market".


At third the results of interviews with experts are presented. These experts are practitioners and located in the field of educational institutions, unions, Federal Employment Office and active labour market policy projects.



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